A thermal image scan DOES NOT replace an ultrasound, mammogram or MRI and is NOT a medical diagnostic tool

Booked Scans

Please find below a guide with instructions on what you should not do before your appointment.

Prior to your appointment (on the day of):

• Do not do any vigorous exercise two hours before your appointment time.

• Do not have physical therapy or electromyography.

• No excessively hot baths or showers two hours before.

• No lotions, oils, essential oils or creams from the waist up (Include the entire body, if you are receiving a full body scan which includes no make up).

• Do not apply antiperspirant.

• No sunbathing, use of tanning booths or massages on the day of your appoinment.

• No shaving or body brushing on the day of appointment.

• Do not drink alcohol from the night before the scan and do not eat a large meal or smoke from two hours before the scan.

• Do not have acupuncture treatment three days prior to appointment.

• If your hair falls below your neck, please wear it clipped or pinned up.

• Please try to wear loose fitting clothes, no bra and no jewellery around the neck.

Your appointment:

• Please arrive on time to meet with your thermographer and go through your forms and any medical history.

• If you have any recent skin lesions on your body please let your thermographer know as this can cause a false positive result.

• You will be asked to remove all clothing and jewellery, a disposable gown will be provided.

• Thermography is performed by a certified clinical thermographer and is
completely private. You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present
with you during the scan.

• The average time for the appointment is approximately 30 minutes for one
or two body regions. Appointments can take longer for a full or half body scan.

• Please bring your GP or healthcare provider's name and address if you want a copy of your scan mailed to him/her.

If you can, please download your forms to complete before your appointment as we will need to go through them with you on the day. However, we can complete the forms with you whilst you are becoming acclimatised to the temperature of the room.  If you are only having a breast scan you only need to complete the breast questionnaire.

Please note that if you have been breast feeding, you must be three months past cessation before having a scan. We will not be able to establish a baseline if you are pregnant.