A thermal image scan DOES NOT replace an ultrasound, mammogram or MRI and is NOT a medical diagnostic tool

Thermalogica Health Screening was established seven years ago by two best friends of over 30 years Lisa Portman and Terri Bainbridge, both who have a commitment to help make women aware of their breast health, the importance of early stage detection and the benefits of regular monitoring.

Their passion began after Terri was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer aged 39, she initially had a small lump investigated and chose to have her whole breast removed rather than just the lump. After the operation it was discovered that her breast contained a 5cm tumour which had not shown up on the mammogram. This, she was told, had probably started growing in her 20s. This initiated a great deal of research and many questions on what options Terri did have, and also how this could have potentially been prevented.

Thermal Imaging - or Thermography, a widely used and recognised screening option kept coming up again and again. Widely used in the USA, Europe and other countries around the world, Thermography is 100% safe, free from radiation, compression free and suitable for women of any age.

Used as an adjunctive to structural tests such as mammography and ultrasound, Thermography could provide early indications for future breast issues and can play a significant role in helping women to lower their risk over time when used regularly.

Not widely recognised as an option in the UK, the girls have worked hard to make this screening modality available and give women the option to monitor their breast health safely, regularly and be in control of their own health.

It isn't all about breasts however, there are options for full or half body screenings for both men and women.

This state of the art technology will map out your own individual thermal fingerprint, giving a visual guide how the body, your body, is functioning. Detecting areas of inflammation or dysfunction, visualising pain, with a doctors report that could help provide answers, recommend further tests or scans and give you the chance to take charge of your health.

Thermalogica Health Screening has been steadily growing over the past ten years, with regular clinics held in London and throughout the South West and South East of England.

We look forward to seeing you soon.